Lily Collins is one of the most stylish young stars. 27-year-old actress has English and American roots – she is the daughter of famous British musician Phil Collins.
However, despite all artistic success, the girl best known as a young lady with exquisite taste. The actress prefers t-shirts, shirts and skinny jeans. Lily tries to be always flawless, even on the street. Outfits girls always logical and complete.
Lily is a lover of classic shoes – black and white boats. The appearance of Collins, by their nature unique, which is why she often chooses outfits white or black color, and the mutability of her in outfits adds a red lipstick.Lily loves the freedom in the outfits. And not only in everyday life, but also on the red carpet. Outfits from Chanel is her favorite. Style Lily Collins –  glamour. Her elegant evening gowns in dark shades always highlight the white skin. 
Despite the fact that Lily is only taking its first steps in the world of cinema, fashion and television, she is already worthy of discussion not only for  talent but also  impeccable taste. 


  1. the purple dress is definitely something!! love it!! :)


  2. Oh wow I have never heard of her! I quite like Phil Collins. Her style is so cute! :)