For business and sponsorship enquiries, please contact golubeva_14@mail.ru

Please send any press releases, product enquiries or general questions to golubeva_14@mail.ru
Please note that I very rarely (if ever) will I accept guest posts. Any quest posts contributors are sourced personally and not via application.

If you have any other requests, it's best to tweet me. A tweet is much easier to respond to than a blog comment or email - and you get a notification - everyone's a winner.

Want to advertise your blog/shop/site/general lovely self on tanyalsk.blogspot.com? Well now you can!  Ads show up in the sidebar under the 'instagram' section.
As this is only the beginning of my advertising life, spots will be offered at the measly price of 5$ each!

If you'd like any more information on anything, please give me a shout on golubeva_14@mail.ru

If you have any questions regarding my work outside of W.M.Y.B or tips then this post here might help you out.

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