I am one of those people who takes style inspiration from other people. I like to read posts about the outfits, I retain a lot of photos outfits bloggers. Sometimes I like  gentle and bright  style. And sometimes I like saucy style. Today I want to show the style of two people, which inspire me a very long time.

Eleanor Calder 

 This may seem like a bit of a strange one, but Eleanor inspires me. I like her style. Torn jeans, jackets, heels. This girl is  at harmoniously combines things. I like looking at her photo with instagram. On tumblr there are lots of posts about the style of Eleanor. If you want to know more about her style, go for it on tumblr. I don't think people should be very popular, to inspire people. I just like her style and I think I'm not the only one.

Jennifer Aniston 90's

Recently watching the TV series "Friends". Very funny  and interesting series. But most of all, my attention was attracted by the fashion of the 90s. Recently I became a fan of the fashion of our mothers. Dresses, skirts, denim overalls. I was always attracted to fashion 90s and I'm glad that she is now slowly coming back. Of series I chose Rachel. I always like her outfits, they inspire.

These two are my favourite style inspirations right now. So tell me, who is your current fashion inspiration? 

» Tuesday moodboard

Hi, may! Well the last month of spring has begun. May, so inspiring! But the weather is not quite. Last weekend  was snow. Imagine, snow in may?! So I can't. Now I lie under a warm blanket,because the house is terribly cold. Today was the first day of school after the may holidays. There quite a bit and it'll be summer. But how anyone, but I have summer exams. OK, don't talk about sad things. Today I want to show you a selection of the images I made from inspiring pictures. And by the way, guys, write what posts you would like to see on my blog. Have a great week ♥