»My Most Popular Posts Of 2015 ♡

The year 2015 is almost coming to an end and it's time to sum up the year. I decided to make a post about popular posts on my blog. So let's see what posts were most popular this year. 

Didn't think you'd be interested to read about  favorite things. But I love to write posts about your favorite things during the month. This post received the most hits. You can view all messages "new things" here  »NEW LITTLE THINGS

Next post, who scored quite a few hits. Post on outfits from the film "Age of Adeline". I never made such posts and I was a bit nervous, but everyone liked the post and there were a lot of comments. Thank you, I'm glad that this post you liked. I think to make such posts and in 2016.

Honestly, can't understand why this post became so popular on my blog. Perhaps the whole thing in a bright swimsuit. I don't even know what comments to give for this post. Swimsuit, this is the first thing that came to me for cooperation. And I was so glad to read comments about what you liked swimsuit.

Posts about cosmetics most popular on the blog. Post about what I use in the summer of of cosmetics has attracted a lot of attention. In the summer I use the least amount of cosmetics. And this post  everyone liked it and everyone agreed with me about the fact that summer is not to use cosmetics. Actually, I a little difficult to describe cosmetic products. But I think, what I nailed it . What do you think?

Those who read me for a long time,  notice that I have a few posts about my outfits. I don't know why, but I can't describe their images. Maybe the fact that I'm not very interested in fashion? I'm trying to correct this situation. And I think in 2016 there will be more posts about my outfits.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up! What are your favourite kind of posts to read? 
And with the New 2016 year. May the new year bring only good news. Happy new year!


Hello my friends and Happy Christmas Eve! Tomorrow I'll be on the way to his family. Where I can be able to enjoy a well-deserved rest. I just want to wish you all the merriest of Christmases and thank you all for your continued support throughout 2015. It's been a tough year with lots of UPS and downs, so thank you all for the support. I hope you'll have a great Christmas with family.And get all dreamed about. You deserve it!

Happy Christmas Everyone!

»BLOGMAS #8-13 | Weekend, manicures and etc ♡

Hi my dear friends. Sorry I can't update the blog every day.Since I am a student and  after the New year will be the exams.I'll rest only 2 weeks. Study now occupies all my time. But I try to write on the blog. And so let's talk about last week. From morning till evening studying, but I spent the weekend out of town without Internet. It's so nice to forget about  social networks and spend time with family. I love to sit in the kitchen and talk about something that we did with my sister. So my sister got her nails done, something in winter style. In the photo we can see my current manicure. Doesn't that feel nice?! I'm writing this post, among notebooks and other school things. I need to solve  100 questions in the test. Oh, it's hard to be a student,but fun :) 


I can't leave you without a plan for December. So i collected the most interesting to-do list, make your December a fun, memorable. It is well known, the process of waiting for a much more interesting celebration of the holiday itself.

❄ Play in the snow
❄ Bake cookies/gingerbread cookies/gingerbread house
❄ Make a snowman
❄ To go to the rink
 ❄ To watch new year film
❄ To hang the garland
❄ Decorate the apartment for the New Year
❄ Make a Christmas photo shoot
❄ Buy glass snow globe
❄ Buy a Christmas sweater (e.g., deer)
❄ To go with friends in cafe and chat over a cup of hot chocolate
❄ To sum up the expiring year
❄ Make a family Christmas photo
❄ Winter has come, ho-ho-ho ⛄❄🎅❄🎅❄⛄ 

»BLOGMAS #4 | November Playlist ♡

Day 4 of blogmas. And today,i  inspired by the posts about Christmas. The post will be dedicated to the music I listened to during November. I like to share music and find new music. I hope my ideas for blogmas will not disappear and I will write on the blog every day. And so what I listened to in November, let's take a look at my list. Enjoy x

 One Direction – Long Way Down 
Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland – Say It Right
Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way
Selena Gomez – Same Old Love
Big Time Rush – Beautiful Christmas
The Wanted – In the Middle
Chris Brown – Fine By Me
Justin Bieber - Sorry
Olly Murs - Kiss Me 
♪ Kazaky - your style
Demi Lovato - Waitin for You

I hope you will like my choice. 
Write your favorite songs that you listened to during November. 
And also let me know the posts on what topic you want to see on my blog

»BLOGMAS #3 | Christmas movies ♡

In preparation for the new year and Christmas holidays is most important to create a festive atmosphere. Christmas tree, decorations, gifts, table is only the beginning, the main question is: which movies to see during the holidays?
1. Home Alone - 1990 the year
2. Elf - 2003
3. Curly Sue- 1991
4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - 2000
5. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - 2002
6. Frozen - 2013
7. New Year's Eve - 2011
8. Noel - 2004
9. Holly's Holiday - 2012
10. All I Want for Christmas - 1991
I'll be watching Christmas movies all month. Someone loves them as much as I do?

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Hi! Today is the first day of winter. Today is the beginning of December and this means that blogmas begins. I'm not sure if I can write a blog every day, but I will try! And today first post is my wish list for Christmas/New year. Of course, I would like to get it not all at once, but throughout the year. I think I will not write in detail about every thing . Photos taken from the site of Pinterest. , so that even there is no link.
 You already made a wish list?

»BLOGMAS #2 | Lipstick ♡

I love red, crimson and Burgundy shades of lipstick, but often they cease to like. So I'm always in search of lipstick.And recently I delivered a parcel of cosmetics. Today I will show the top three lipsticks. To be honest I don't really know how to do reviews and so on. I just took pictures of the lipsticks, hope you enjoy. Let me just say that I love the lipsticks and their colors. And Yes, I forgot to say that I didn't know that  will come and in what colors. This is a gift to honor five years of the store. I really like the color, and the lips look good. Yes and it's more like a lipgloss than a lipstick. I will definitely take pictures of lipsticks on my lips ;)

»photo diary | Kyshtym ♡

The post I was supposed to publish back in October. But due to time constraints, I somehow forgot about it. Today I will show the pictures that I did when we went on a tour in the old town of Kyshtym. The city is rich in its history, there appeared the first hospital, Church, manor house and most beautiful in the area is mountains. And, of course, we climbed to the top to enjoy wonderful views of the mountains. 500 meters in height was worth it to see the surreal beauty.  However the weather let up a bit, it was very cold, but we warmed up with hot tea and buckwheat porridge. I am very glad I agreed to the excursion.

Данный пост я должна была опубликовать еще в октябре. Но из-за нехватки времени я как-то забыла об этом. Сегодня я покажу фотографии, которые я сделала, когда ездила на экскурсию в соседний старый город Кыштым. Город богат своей историй, там появилась первая больница, церковь, усадьба и самое красивое в данной местности это горы.  И, конечно же, мы забирались на самую вершину, чтобы насладиться прекрасным видом с гор. 500 метров в высоту стоили того, чтобы увидеть нереальную красоту.  Правда погода нас немного подвела, было очень холодно, но нас согревали, горячим чаем и гречневой кашей. Я очень рада, что согласилась на эту поездку. 


Alongside my review of some fun Blippo stuff  »BLIPPO KAWAII BOX ♡ , I am excited to announce that you can win some cute goodies for yourself. I've partnered with blippo to give you the chance to win these Squishy Panda Charm and Hello Kitty Beauty Scissors and Felt House Lamb Stickers

The only rules are that the first two entries are mandatory so they must be done. The giveaway is international so no need to worry about that! You will be contacted by Kawaii Box if you win and they will send you the parcel! Good Luck!!


»blippo kawaii box ♡

Recently I received a small box with kawaii goodies from blippo . You might know Blippo from the popular kawaii box , but they also sell kawaii plushes, magazines, straps, candy, bags and much more.
The first item that I picked was this Pony pen. I like the design because it looks cute, but not too childish.
Also I have a great love of stickers. And then it's the right thing for students, bloggers and business people. Not to forget the details, you can write on the sticker and affix in a prominent place.
Stickers Panda. I love pandas and when I saw on the website these stickers, I realized that it was to be mine. And now I hold in my hand. Lord, I'm just obsessed with them.
And last funny thing,I will give my little niece. It's edible dough, to make him cookies and eat. The Interesting thing for young children.