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At first I was not happy with matte lipsticks, but over time I began to like it, although there are downsides. I really wanted a lipstick from Kylie. And a miracle happened, a friend gave it to me for a birthday. I was very happy!
I'll be honest. It dries the lip, if not regularly moisturize, day she better not wear or alternate with the balm. Dries quickly - that's a plus. But the fact that she will survive 14 hours with meals, as many say - it is nonsense. Downtown is still erased and will remain an unpleasant contour, and to re-paint, you need to completely erase this contour. 
I understand why everyone loves these lipsticks because it's Kylie. I have listed advantages and disadvantages  for myself. But honestly, this is the BEST lipstick in my purse.


  1. The colour is absolutely BEAUT! I have not yet tried a Kylie Jenner lip kit.. I am happy you eventually grew fond of them! Great post. X

  2. Oh! I love this colour so much!
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