» 20 days challenge: 10 facts about me ♡

On  "20 day challenge"  I came across quite by accident and I liked it. So I every day for 20 days I will publish posts. I hope, I will not be lazy.
1 October 2016 first day calls - 10 facts about me
✔️ I realized recently, that autumn my liking. I love this time of year
✔️ I like to listen to different music. I like dance hits 
✔️ I like it sweet,  a lot of sweet! Parents even began to hide the candy! Haha. 
✔️ My favorite genre of film - musical. I love movies with dancing, music. Also love Comedy. 
✔️ I don't follow fashion. Love to dress as comfortable for me.

✔️ I love to help people with advice. I like to listen to people and their stories. 
✔️  I just love literature, books.  I won't sleep,  until i finish read the book to end! 
✔️ I prefer TV shows than movies 
✔️ I am very dependent on instagram. I love this app. Love to see photos of people. 
✔️ And the last fact about the blog. The blog this year was celebrating 5 years. For 5 years he has changed so much as I do! 

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