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I wanted to share with you one of my favorite gifts that I received. It is the One Direction Perfume: Our Moment. This perfume smells amazing.  I love this perfume it gives a very happy uplifting scent that mellows out over time giving a beautiful fragrance. The smell is what drove me crazy! In general, the smell is really great and I'm sure it is loved by many girls! It is light, sweet and 
associated with spring.
The main notes are pink grapefruit which gives an uplifting/energising effect making it great for mornings to boost your day if your feeling low on energy, and a generous selection of wild berries and redcurrants. The second notes are more floral undertones to give a nice balance which includes jasmine petals, frangipani with dry woody tones of musk and patchouli. Musk really is a sensual scent and the combination of both fruity and floral notes makes for a beautiful scent that balances each other out creating an interesting mixture.

Have you tried this perfume before? What are your thoughts?


Весна! Она всегда ассоциируется с тюльпанами и с международным женским днем. Я люблю это время года, но точно не март месяца. Погода в марте такая не понятная. То тепло, то холодно. Один день солнышко и все тает, в другой день пасмурно и идет снег. Ох уж эта Уральская погода. Но мне ли жаловаться?!  Сегодня я проснулась с прекрасным настроением, сразу же побежала в магазин за продуктами.  Ведь сегодня началась масленица, а блинчики печь я люблю. Обычно я пеку американские блинчики. Ну и я не упустила возможность сделать пару фото моих блинчиков. всем любви этой весной 🌷
Spring! It is always associated with tulips and the international women's day. I love this time of year. Today I woke up with good mood, immediately ran to the store for groceries. Because today began Shrove Tuesday, and pancakes oven I love. Usually I bake American-style pancakes. Well, I took the opportunity to take a couple photos of my pancakes. Love all this spring 🌷