»My Most Popular Posts Of 2015 ♡

The year 2015 is almost coming to an end and it's time to sum up the year. I decided to make a post about popular posts on my blog. So let's see what posts were most popular this year. 

Didn't think you'd be interested to read about  favorite things. But I love to write posts about your favorite things during the month. This post received the most hits. You can view all messages "new things" here  »NEW LITTLE THINGS

Next post, who scored quite a few hits. Post on outfits from the film "Age of Adeline". I never made such posts and I was a bit nervous, but everyone liked the post and there were a lot of comments. Thank you, I'm glad that this post you liked. I think to make such posts and in 2016.

Honestly, can't understand why this post became so popular on my blog. Perhaps the whole thing in a bright swimsuit. I don't even know what comments to give for this post. Swimsuit, this is the first thing that came to me for cooperation. And I was so glad to read comments about what you liked swimsuit.

Posts about cosmetics most popular on the blog. Post about what I use in the summer of of cosmetics has attracted a lot of attention. In the summer I use the least amount of cosmetics. And this post  everyone liked it and everyone agreed with me about the fact that summer is not to use cosmetics. Actually, I a little difficult to describe cosmetic products. But I think, what I nailed it . What do you think?

Those who read me for a long time,  notice that I have a few posts about my outfits. I don't know why, but I can't describe their images. Maybe the fact that I'm not very interested in fashion? I'm trying to correct this situation. And I think in 2016 there will be more posts about my outfits.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up! What are your favourite kind of posts to read? 
And with the New 2016 year. May the new year bring only good news. Happy new year!