»BLOGMAS #8-13 | Weekend, manicures and etc ♡

Hi my dear friends. Sorry I can't update the blog every day.Since I am a student and  after the New year will be the exams.I'll rest only 2 weeks. Study now occupies all my time. But I try to write on the blog. And so let's talk about last week. From morning till evening studying, but I spent the weekend out of town without Internet. It's so nice to forget about  social networks and spend time with family. I love to sit in the kitchen and talk about something that we did with my sister. So my sister got her nails done, something in winter style. In the photo we can see my current manicure. Doesn't that feel nice?! I'm writing this post, among notebooks and other school things. I need to solve  100 questions in the test. Oh, it's hard to be a student,but fun :) 


  1. Your nails look stunning! I'm really loving coloring books as well, I have a Christmas one!
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  2. I like Chance) Nice post)

  3. Being student and blogger is never easy. :) Hope you find more time, Please checkout http://wintersnuggle.blogspot.com/2015/12/how-to-increase-your-productivity.html for my top productivity tips. <3 untill next xo

  4. I love white nail polish, it always looks so neat and classy!