»BLOGMAS #2 | Lipstick ♡

I love red, crimson and Burgundy shades of lipstick, but often they cease to like. So I'm always in search of lipstick.And recently I delivered a parcel of cosmetics. Today I will show the top three lipsticks. To be honest I don't really know how to do reviews and so on. I just took pictures of the lipsticks, hope you enjoy. Let me just say that I love the lipsticks and their colors. And Yes, I forgot to say that I didn't know that  will come and in what colors. This is a gift to honor five years of the store. I really like the color, and the lips look good. Yes and it's more like a lipgloss than a lipstick. I will definitely take pictures of lipsticks on my lips ;)


  1. Either way, the colors are very pretty! I like how the packaging is simple as well -- I usually don't like packaging that has a lot of bells and whistles you know?

    A Northern Light