»How to find inspiration? ♡

Today I want to tell you about such things as inspiration. In my life often there are moments when I have no inspiration, it can be associated with the weather or with an inactive life. And so today I will talk about how I'm looking for inspiration on websites, blogs.
We hear it - this is my favorite site. It is a cool website with lots of pictures. You can also upload your photos to inspire others. On this site, I registered a long time ago.

Instagram - is my favorite. I love not only to lay out there photos, but also view other people's pictures. Mostly I'm follow the bloggers. Instagram is very inspiring to me.

Blogs – I love to read blogs and look at pictures. I like blogs with vivid photo. Some ideas for the blog I learn from other bloggers. All blogs are individual. Probably the most time I spend reading the posts.

На YouTube –  well , who doesn't like to watch videos? I'm getting a great flow of inspiration. Most often, I like to watch a video about shopping and make-up,routine. I watch Zoella, Bethany Mota.

Films/series/ music – and why not? There are many movies that inspire, make to do something. My favorite movie is "Paris at any price", series: "Teen Wolf", "pretty little liars" , "big time rush".

This is exactly where I draw inspiration. Also I like to communicate with other bloggers on Twitter and listen to advice. Write, where do you get inspiration! It will be interesting to read.


  1. Lovely advice of where to find inspiration. I love sitting in coffee shops, I always tend to find inspiration there:)
    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

    1. Thank you very much. I also love to go to coffee shops ❤

  2. i find music to be so inspirational and also, i get so inspired when i get outside to clear me head.


  3. I´m collecting inspirations through other Bloggers and YouTube Channels :)


    Shiny Glitter Things

  4. I LOVE We Heart It they have such beautiful images <3