»Bracelet from Soufeel ♡

I want to share my impressions of the Soufeel bracelet. The premise was to me about 2 weeks. The product warranty and possibility to return the product, within 365 days! Everything was packaged in neat branded boxes! The company Soufeel free shipping for orders over 50$, so you can feel free to order a bracelet and charms to someone as a gift. Well, let's start the most interesting – bracelet-basis. Chose the bracelet – classical flexible. But size I chose not immediately. In the end, I chose 17cm. Bracelet with hand subsides, but not too small. Special attention should be paid to the clasp. Very sturdy lock will not open accidentally, don't worry. I note that all the charms and even the clasp of the bracelet was packaged very neatly in bags, I think you have already noticed, excellent quality products! 925 sterling silver.

FOR EVERY MEMORABLE DAY -joint photograph is my most desired charm. Now, you can enjoy own charm with your photo - you can choose the design and picture on the official website. You can pick up a completely different design, it can be charm in the shape of a heart, square, round, various inscriptions, the charm pendant and several other options. Upload your photo, create its charm and boldly add to cart, you will receive a tiny little miracle with your photos together! By the way, this idea can serve as a great gift for a friend, mom, girlfriend and other significant people for you.

I love to photograph everything that surrounds me. And so it was that from Soufeel for sale is a camera charm, reminiscent of my hobby is camera,made of silver 925. That's how the charm looks on a bracelet

I love dolphins.So I chose this dolphin. It looks very nice. Can't stop looking at this charm. The charm is 925 sterling silver.
The charm postage stamp.I am a lover of postcards, could not pass by this charm. The postcard reminds me about summer and about the postcards. It's so great. It is also worth stamp 925 sample.
And the last charm of my air sign libra. I'm Libra and have always wanted something associated with it. And when I saw this charm, I decided to order. I am very pleased. And as you can see, I did not pick the charms in one theme. Decided that I wanted variety. I very happy.Thanks Soufeel .The company Soufeel gives an extra 5% off coupon code: BLOG5, you can save additional 5% on any orders.