» makeup brushes ♡

As you may have guessed from the title of this little post is solely about makeups brush. 
Store kindly sent me their  eye blending brush set last week to try out and review, which is super nice of them. I am really grateful. I love the colour scheme of these brushes, they are so bright and playful and so darn cute!!  
They feel sturdy in your hand but also lightweight enough to be able to control the brushes whilst using them. 

Can I just say... The bristles... OMG they are SOOOOOOO soft!!! I don't think I have ever felt anything like it.

Seriously, you need to feel them!! In fact you can get yours Here for $4.37. 
Oh wait, what is this? They are currently on sale for $4.37.. GO GO GO!!!  


  1. Amazing post dear,love your brushes! I have similar one :)

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  2. Yeah, the color scheme is so so bright.... Will definitely check them out NOW...


  3. Lovely post.. The brushes are cute and beautiful
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  4. Great brushes *_*
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  5. So lovely post and beautiful brushes :D

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