»Mascara L'oreal Volume Million Lashes ♡

L'oreal so couture is undoubtedly one of the most popular at the moment, mascara. The number of opinions already exceeded three hundred. This mascara I received as a gift. And now I want to share with you opinion about this beauty.
 - At the height of. A beautiful flakon - purple tint
- Everything looks good expensive, stylish, I do like the design  carcass of this series. Pleasing to the eye.
- The tube opens easily, closes with a distinctive click, and tightly.
- The volume is quite standard  9.5 ml.

- I'm not a big fan of these brushes, but this one I liked.
- It's silicone, in general, is not very big.
- It is convenient to paint over the lashes at the corners of his eyes.

The smell
He is just awesome! It smells like vanilla cake, fragrant, very pleasant. That's just such a nice bonus to the carcass. But for those who don't like any kind of fragrance may not like the flavor, but it does not felt when worn and does not spoil  mascara.

Do not take the money and buy this mascara! This is a decent mascara will not disappoint you! Recommend!



  1. I'm using this mascara a lot and I'm loving it :) Great review


  2. I haven't tried this mascara before! Maybe I will try it soon.