Hi. The second week came to an end. Surprisingly it went too fast. I'm used to get up early! However the weather again not pleased us. Practically the whole week was warm, the temperature skyrocketed to +30. And now it's raining outside and over +10. From such a sudden drop of temperature can lead to disease. I hope it will pass me by. So, what pleased me this week?
1. The schedule of classes at the Institute. It is wonderful when you need to go to the Institute to 12 o'clock. I can sleep longer, make a delicious Breakfast.
2. Postal parcel. As I wrote earlier, I received the parcel. This has made me very happy this week.
3. I found a photo booth to print photos from instagram. Finally!!! Now you can print beautiful photos from your instagram, and pin them on a Board of inspiration.
4.Movies. I recently went to the movie "Fantastic four." Awesome, easy and funny. And Yes, I again revisit favorite movie is "the Fault in our stars". Happy owner of a disk, which by the way won.
5. A manicure. I think every girl dreams of a beautiful manicure and I am no exception. But I was lucky, I don't have to go to a salon and pay money for it. And all because my sister's manicurist . Lucky as lucky :)
These are the things that pleased me this week. Ahead of the weekend , guide them perfectly. And write me in the comments, what made you happy this week!?


  1. I've had great company this week, which made me happy. Always nice to see familiar faces in my life :)
    I love your blog + photos!


  2. Following you from Portugal!

    Love your blog and your style!
    Bought the Chanel Change perfume, it made me happy this week! :D


  3. You're so lucky that your sister's a manicurist! That must be so handy haha x


  4. Just found your blog & I love it!