Hey. Long I did a post about the little things. And favorite things I've accumulated quite a lot. And today I'm going to talk about cosmetics. The other day I and mommy shopped things for learning and, of course, i has not passed by showcase with cosmetics.
Lipstick from MAC. I've always wanted to buy a lipstick of such firm, dream came true idiot. I love this lipstick, it looks as natural on my lips.  ( I will make a video of my makeup)

Concealer from essence "stay natural". Plastic bottle with a brush, which is tightly closed with a lid. The tassel is soft and pleasant to the touch. When using is not scratched or pricked. I was completely satisfied with the effect. Dark circles become less visible. This concealer does not settle into fine wrinkles. Overall, on the skin it looks natural and unnoticeable. The coating is not dense, so, summer is on it. The whole day is kept on the skin and will not disappear.

Primer from Maybelline. Now finally I got it! I'm happy with the purchase! The packaging is very convenient with a dispenser in the form of a spout. The design is lovely. Slides easily and spread evenly over the skin. Does not cause discomfort. No "mask" and severity. Does not clog pores. After application the skin is very smooth, velvety and soft. 



  1. I love the bits you got! I really want to try Baby Skin - sounds so good!
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  2. Great blog!
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  3. lovely post and really nice products my dear :D xoxo

  4. The lipstick color looks great, not too much or little, just perfect!


    1. yeah, this lipstick is a favorite thing this month!

  5. I love me a Mac Lipstick and Snob is not currently in my collection! I think I'll have to add it to my list!

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