» H E L L O S U M M E R

Is it already June? Already summer? Wow, time you are too fast! I Know, normal posts was not very long ago. Now I just have exams at the Institute. In a month everything will go on as usual. I will write posts with your photo and not from the Internet. But you can follow my on instagram, I will update it more often.
Today our English exams. It was hell, but we made it. We rest now until Monday, but today I'm going home to my family. A little envious of those who fly to the sea. This summer I'll be home, hanging out with friends, the night with a friend and ride for the city. You two are going to fly/eat to relax? Or be home all summer? Tell us about your plans for the summer?


  1. I adore the garnier water! It's the best thing in the world!
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