» 15 things to do this summer

Now it is raining and   very cold, in my mind summer. I fully imagine yourself perfect summer. But perfect does not happen. We want our summer was special, fun, exciting and memorable. But, unfortunately, it won't be the same without our help. So you need to take things into their own hands! Today I decided to not make a big to-do list for the summer. I hope i will perform  everything on this list. Summer vacation my last for only 2 months and it is very bad. Because  need a good rest.  
1. To go on any courses. I Really want to take courses on photography .
2. A lot of pictures and upload to the instagram 
3.To come up with an unusual photo shoot. (I want to start practicing photography skills)
4. On a day to abandon all means of communication.
5. To gather with my friends  in the cafe. And to gossip. ;) Know that gossiping is bad.

6. Download in player new songs . They will be a year to remind me of  summer adventures. 
7. Find new friends And phone to them throughout the next year.
8.  Learn something new, to Play the guitar, ride a bike or to swim under water.
9. To start running in the morning 
10.  Not to sleep the night . To then remember how cool it was!
11. See the sunset on the sea.  Well, sunset on the river - at least.
12.  Always smile  To bring you a good mood to people.
13. To keep a diary where i will record all of your summer memories.
14. Want to learn a lot of new places. To visit neighboring towns
15. Walking from morning to evening. To have fun with friends and acquaintances on the street!


  1. These are some wonderful things to do during summer!

    The Journeys of a Girl

  2. lovely post! i'm so excited for summer x

    cat // je suis cat

  3. There're cool and easy to do ideas:)x

  4. Those girls in the second photo have the perfect summer hair. I really want full on ombre highlights for summer.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. Lovely post!


  6. I am living for summer!! Love this post, it makes me so happy! xx

    Suki and the City

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  8. I think I'll do it myself this list :)
    Interesting post !

  9. Love these ideas and love the pictures you have picked out!
    Rachel Coco