Not long ago someone asked me when will be a new interview. And I realized that I like it.  And so today will be an interview with Danielle  

1 - And so for a start tell a little about yourself!
My name is Danielle, I'm 25 years old and I live in America. Travel and music are my two favorite things, but I love experimenting with fashion and makeup as well.

2 - How you were solved on consciousness of the blog? Tell a little about the blog!
My blog has a little bit of everything - fashion, beauty reviews, travel photos, playlists, and basically just things from my everyday life that I'm interested in. 

3 - What blogs inspire you? 
I read a lot of blogs, but a few of my favorites are Hello October, Feral Creature, I Dress Myself, and Zoe London.

4 - What blogs are you most of all you like to read? 
I love personal style blogs and seeing people's day to day outfits and gaining inspiration for my own wardrobe from them. I love travel blogs with photos of different places around the world because I hope to travel everywhere one day as well, and overall just blogs with good quality photos and good personalities.

5 - Often are overtaken by creative crisis? How you fight against it?. 
 There are a lot of times when I have no idea what to write about or what to post. To overcome this, I like to read through some of my favorite blogs to get ideas. There are a lot of inspiring people out there and it helps to see what kinds of things they're doing so I can come up with my own ideas from there.

6 - On what you pay attention having come on someone's blog?
The kinds of blogs that get my attention are ones with clean & simple layouts - if a blog looks too messy or cluttered I'm not likely to stay on it. I also love blogs that post large, good quality photos that are just pretty to look at! I also like it when people post a variety of content and not just one topic, keeps things interesting!

7 - What advice you can give to bloggers?
 I wouldn't say I'm an expert by any means and I'm still working on improving my blog every day, but I guess my advice would be to keep at it and don't compare yourself to others. Instead, look to your favorite blogs as inspiration and let them motivate you to be better. There will always be someone out that with better quality photos than you or a bigger following, but stay true to yourself and you'll get there!
Thank you Daniel for the mini interview хх

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